Keith Wickstrom – Brew Master – The visionary behind our brews; fanatical about having the finest liquids; constant homebrewer since 2008; national certified BJCP; born in the Bear Republic; big fan of hats and facial hair.

Tyler Oyler – Chief Executive Officer – The business brains; native West-by-God-Virginian; left handed; is ready to get into a heated political argument with you; loves Old Bay on his crabs, and just about everything else.

Jeff Kusterbeck – Chief Operating Officer – Errant historian and good word doer; amateur homebrewer; pet whisperer; Virginia gentleman and Maryland adoptee; full time nerd and part time adult.

Melissa Rogers – Creative Director – Makin’ good things look goooood; professional documentarian and photographer; equal parts Yooper & Mountain Momma; cheese enthusiast; easily distracted by cute animals.

Lauren Beacham – Social and Events Director – Town crier & event planner; part time podcaster and politician; full time independent business owner; terrier herder; brought up on fried cheese and down comforters in the drinking Mecca of the US – Wisconsin; does yoga, hikes, cooks, gardens, and travels as often as possible.

Lauren Beacham, takes care of our social media outreach and content as well as organizes our events as the brewery grows. When not working on brewery gigs, she runs her own business full time, cohosts a podcast about science fiction, serves as an official on her county’s democratic central committee, raises 3 fine terriers, does yoga, hikes, cooks, gardens, and travels as often as possible. Lauren grew up in the drinking Mecca of the US – Wisconsin. This midwestern life prepped her for our “brewsade” while gave her an appreciation for beer culture and the finer things – like fried cheese and down comforters.