5/6ths of the Grail Point team pouring at the AHA National Homebrewers Conference (pictured left to right): Jeff Kusterbeck, Melissa Rogers, Keith Wickstrom, Tyler Oyler, & Lauren Beacham

Keith Wickstrom  Brew Master -The (possibly evil) genius behind our brews; avid homebrewer for over a decade; a nationally ranked BJCP judge; fanatical about having the finest liquids; born in the Bear Republic; dalmatian aficionado; big fan of hats and facial hair; all-around mad zymurgist.

Lauren Beacham  Chief Executive Officer – Gets shit done; brought up on fried cheese and down comforters in Wisconsin (the drinking Mecca of the US); full-time politician, independent business owner, and terrier herder; does yoga, hikes, cooks, gardens, and travels as often as possible.

Tyler Oyler  Business Director & Co-Founder -The business brains; native West-by-God-Virginian; left handed; is ready to get into a heated political argument with you; loves Old Bay on his crabs, and just about everything else.

Jeff Kusterbeck  PR Director & Co-Founder -Errant historian and good word doer; amateur homebrewer; pet whisperer; suspected robot;Virginia gentleman and Maryland adoptee; full-time nerd and part-time adult.

Melissa Rogers  Creative Director -Makin’ good things look goooood; professional documentarian and photographer; equal parts Yooper & Mountain Momma; cheese enthusiast; easily distracted by cute animals.

Caitlin Manleigh Events Director -Part time beer taster, full time data nerd. Puppy cuddler, lover of elephants and ungulates. Can roller blade and read a book at the same time.